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Trip to Munakata, Kyushu in southern part of Japan

Munakata has attracted attention as a cultural heritage site. In the oldest history book of Japan, it is writt...


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"Shuawa" the sparkling sake made by Yamatogawa Sake Brewery
*Winner of 3rd Prize at U.S. International Film Festival Advertising & Markething Category

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Company informationScapes Inc. is a production unit made up of members who have edited the In-flight magazine of Japan Airlines for over 10 years. We publish contents on topics of travel and culture using print media such as the travel magazine "Scapes", journals and book publications, as well as in films and websites, etc.
Besides that, we engage in branding and PR activities for various companies, specializing in marketing for further broadening of the corporate value and developing of communication with members in membership projects.

WorksThe policy of Scapes Inc.'s production is "a journey for unseen scapes".
The travel magazine "Scapes" is a magazine published in Japan and is the base of Scapes, profoundly introducing the charm of various places around the world with beautiful pictures and stories.
In case of websites and videos, the theme of "a journey for unseen scapes" is also used to introduce the world travel information in the Japanese language. In English versions we profoundly introduce the charm of Japan. These are not just information on some famous sightseeing spots, but introductions of unique trips through which one can see the story and cultural background of a place as well as the faces of people living there.

Business contentsPlanning, production and sales of magazines and books
Planning, production and sales of electronic publications
Branding and promotion, PR activities
Video production
Planning of lectures and seminars on publications, travelling, gastronomy




Scapes inc.

6-28-6-202, Shimoma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 154-0002, Japan

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